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Fast Car - 2009 Rhys Millen Racing Genesis Coupe

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With enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the future launch of the 2010 origin vehicle, Hyundai is adding to the excitement by squading with Rhys Millen Racing and Red Bull Energy swpermit to fight the car in the high-energy sport of drift racing this year.

At the Chicago vehicle Show, Hyundai unveiled its motorsports code in the U.S. with the help of drift champion Rhys Millen, who will formulate and rush a 550-horseinfluence origin vehicle in the Pikes crest International rise Climb, the Formula Drift Professional traveling Championship and at cliquey Redline Time assail chain trial in 2009.

"nowayears's annscrapment puts the origin vehicle into three great motorsports chain," said John Krafcik, acting head and CEO, Hyundai Motor America. "We like to submit to the origin vehicle as the sinister sibling to the North American Car of the Year, the origin vehicle and we look familiar to Rhys harnessing every scrap of energy in the vehicle as he fights it."

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Millen and his squad are an perfect tally to launch Hyundai's racing pains. Millen's forceful credentials involve show stunts, numerous itinerant championships, a Pikes crest world notation and his modern New Year's Eve Las Vegas truck flip. But behind Millen's victory in the forcer's seat is a satisfied squad of engineers and fabricators that know how to expand the ability of a rush car.

Millen had his first opportunity to suffering force the origin vehicle's performance credentials when he performed precision forceful for the car's entrance advertising fight. Millen flogged a origin vehicle for three years during the filming treat at street Atlanta rushfootprint, and the car never missed a beat.

"The origin vehicle model inspired me to request out a relationship with Hyundai and it has urbanized into numerous projects," said Millen, professional rush forcer and miscarry of RMR. "The direct focus is developing the RMR Red Bull Hyundai origin vehicle into a drift car with a 550-horseinfluence engine and a lightinfluence, rigid carcass. We are applying everything we know about fabricating into structure this car."

THE skeletonwork foster

Six RMR employees have already stripped a origin vehicle to bare metal and the carcass has exhausted five years in an Alkali bath reaffecting all rubber and adhesives. The carcass has also been darn welded for added structural severity.


Millen briefly certain to take the already light influence origin vehicle and make it even lighter. His crew will take the molds worn to develop the "Art of pace" SEMA car to once again photocopy the origin vehicle's body out of carbon backbone. The cover, deck lid, roof, doors, fenders, front fascia and periphery skirts are all built out of carbon backbone. The carbon backbone panels vary from 50 percent to 80 percent lighter than the mass metal they replaced. For example, a factory Hyundai origin vehicle door weighs 68 pounds but modifications made by RMR relegate the door influence to just 8.5 pounds. This influence-discount manage is conceded throughout the car lacking compromising its sturdy curves, external feature and "Z" bodyperiphery line.

The periphery skirts have functional emphatic rocker panels with ducts to twitch air out from underneath the car. A functional splitter on the front fascia and a built-in diffuser start strain lacking drag. A rear diffuser with long tunnels keeps the air affecting underneath the car. Downforce has been bstreeten amplified by an APR GTC-500 rear wing that is satisfiedy adjustable and was intended with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study. The cover is vented to disperse cook and Aerocatch cover latches are worn for wellbeing.

The rear widebody fenders are also made out of carbon backbone and mingle seamlessly into the vehicle sketch with a creative painting notion. The goal reduce for the car is 2,400 pounds.


The interior of the RMR Red Bull Hyundai origin vehicle is unrecognizable from its origins as a well-apindicateed 2+2 coupe intended with everyday forceful in wits. All comfort and convenience skin are distant to make way for a custom-formulated eight-indicate wellbeing confine and firewall which underline the origin vehicle's already stiff carcass. By reaffecting the roof, the RMR fabricators welded every quality of the wellbeing confine to the skeleton of the car. The brushs on the A and B pillars also tie into the might of the body. The wellbeing confine is vital for racing and a solo Sparco racing seat bstreeten protects the forcer in the overhauled ring.


The RMR Red Bull Hyundai origin vehicle utilizes a KW outside tank three-way adjustable coilover suspension. Adjustable chro-moly convince bars dial the suspension in bstreeten for faithful footprint performance. RMR also formulated adjustable drop limit arms, rear limit arms and toe relations to permit fixed tuning of the carcass.


The Hyundai Lambda 3.8-liter V6 engine, which comes measure on the origin vehicle 3.8, will be stroked to 4.1-liters and bstreeten enhanced by a Turbonetics turbocharger. An AEM engine management technique will also be worn. The engine will be mated to a HKS sequential transmission. The end outcome is a origin vehicle that will deliver 550 horseinfluence and 520 lb.-ft. of torque.


To guarantee that the enhanced influence lodge translates all the way to street performance, RMR added 18- by 8.5-crawl front and 18- by 9.5-crawl rear Enkei RPF1 light influence wheels and 225/40-18 Toyo Proxes R1R front tires and 265/40 Toyo Proxes R1R rear tires.

PAINT conspire

The paint plan is a combination of indigo, silver and unpainted black carbon backbone with its signature lace prefigure.

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Image from : motorauthority.com

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